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Female Serial Killers Essay

The captivating thing about ladies is that they regularly tend to not have the normal attributes of a sequential executioner that a male will in general show prior on throughout everyday life. In spite of the fact that not in every case completely recognized, there are numerous early indications of a possible sequential executioner. These later become the attributes of a sequential executioner. The most widely recognized quality of a sequential executioner is creature misuse. This specific trademark is ordinarily observed during a sequential executioners adolescence. Numerous sequential executioners consider this to be â€Å"practice†. Therapists portray this early indication of murdering as a psychological issue that ought not be overlooked. Another profoundly normal attribute of sequential executioner is an individual who appreciates lighting fires, also called Pyromaniacs. The individuals that have this trademark will in general get explicitly excited just from lighting a fire. A notable Pyromaniac was Joseph Kallinger who portrayed lighting a fire as a great delight. Additionally a typical trademark would be bed wetting. Numerous sequential executioners will in general wet the bed past youthfulness. Kenneth Bianchi, an American sequential executioner, burned through the vast majority of his adulthood wetting the bed. A messed up home has been noted to be a quality of a sequential executioner. Growing up father-less or mother-less profoundly influences a youthful prospective sequential killer’s life. Female sequential executioners share just a portion of these qualities, for example, creature misuse. Ladies tend not to show qualities until some other time throughout everyday life. Now and again they don't show qualities. Most female sequential executioners kill for extensive stretches of times and unobtrusively dissimilar to her kindred male executioner. Female sequential executioners quite often have a solid intention driving them to perpetrate these appalling wrongdoings and circumstantially they are frequently comparable. In the event that a female sequential executioner is recognized by a network the individuals in that network will in general accept that since she is a lady, in this way the more fragile sex, she was some way or another forced or exploited by her sweetheart to murder. (Davis, 2001). Many will not accept that a lady is equipped for slaughtering on her own terms. Ladies have a wide range of explanations behind slaughtering yet consistently and the different homicide cases that happen where a lady is the killer, the rationale is quite often. The majority of the ladies who will in general execute are in incredible obligation and needing a fast and simple way out. Beauty Gunness, who was viewed as one of the most noticeably awful sequential executioners in American History, did only this. Beauty murdered every last bit of her youngsters and spouses just to gather life coverage, cash, and different resources. (Edwards, 2012). She additionally received more kids so as to rehash the way toward gathering the protection and pulled off doing as such for a long time. Another homicide case in which the essential thought process happened to be cash was the Olga Rutter Schmidt and Helen Golay case. These two ladies in their 70’s directed a $2. 3 Million protection misrepresentation murder plot. Helen and Olga gave asylum and food to Paul Vados and Paul McDavid sufficiently long to have great measure of cash to profit by if these two men were to pass. There were different protection designs that gave these two ladies benefits when the two vagrants were murdered.

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Psychology – Experiment on Stress

Presentation In this trial we will portray pressure and demonstrate by what method can a drawn out work to it negatively affect memory. The meaning of pressure utilized in this test is: trouble one endures that causes stress, enthusiastic strain or loss of fixation. The motivation behind why this subject has been picked is on the grounds that pressure is a piece of these days, rushed society and it has an entirely perceptible impact on people’s execution, in either work or every day life. The result of this analysis could be utilized in a few fields, for example, training; to help lessen the measure of pressure understudies manage, so their evaluations could be improved.The results could likewise be utilized to upgrade and lift employer’s proficiency, in the work environment field. The speculation is to test how transient distressing circumstances can prompt memory brokenness. The invalid theory, then again, is that pressure has no effect on memory at all. The point of this trial is to demonstrate how pressure produces memory issues. II. Plan The most productive and simplest approach to do this analysis would utilize rehashed measures, utilizing a similar example of members in the two arrangements of conditions, deluding members to stay away from any inside legitimacy issue.Allowing quite a while hole between conditions or changing the referenced conditions would maintain a strategic distance from members from discovering the point of the trial, or biasing it. Single visually impaired is the best strategy that can be utilized in this trial, restricted to twofold visually impaired, which would be insignificant, in such a case that members are told the point they may show improvement over they would do in a typical life circumstance, and the investigation would lose it’s reliability.Since it’s a momentary based trial and a similar example of members is utilized for the two conditions, the trial gathering would play out a progression of memory-testing exercises, and later on, the benchmark group would play out similar errands however affected by some wellspring of worry, for this situation, noisy music. There are no moral concerns included in light of the fact that no member would leave with any sort of stress or outrage, and they wouldn't be presented to noisy music for quite a while. They would likewise be questioned toward the finish of the study.The Independent Variable (IV) is the measure of pressure got by any mean, and the Dependent Variable (DV) is memory execution. Different factors that will be recognized, since they are thought to affect the outcomes are the accompanying: past degree of worry of members, temperature of the room where the trial is being held, room’ dividers shading, participant’s past weariness or mind-set, among others, which could be effortlessly maintained a strategic distance from by performing yoga classes and controlling the room were the test is being completed. III. ParticipantsSince the objective populace is individuals living in Spain from the age of 16 to individuals matured 66, both male and female, it remembers an extremely huge number of individuals for which the results of this examination will be centered around, and along these lines, an immense objective populace to look over so as to get members for the investigation. Accordingly, the best inspecting strategy that could be utilized would be amount examining, as it permits the specialist to separate the objective populace into different sub-gatherings, which for this situation would exclusively be age and sexual orientation, in light of the fact that no different factors can influence/inclination the results of this experiment.Then, from this preset sub-gatherings, the analyst would intentionally select what number of individuals is required and what attributes this individuals must have. There would be 5 sub-bunches dependent on age and sexual orientation (each gathering extending 1 0 years), each gathering including the absolute number of 25 individuals (5 for each gathering ). Members would be requested assent in the wake of utilizing them as the example. IV. Materials required for this analysis are essentially those including any lab-related experiment.The essential materials would be a research center room or a homeroom, outfitted with tables, work areas and seats, just as a board. Another room would be required so as to play out the loosen up treatment meetings that would be valuable for the test, so a wide range of gear identified with yoga is required, for example, mats, light loads, and so forth. The other sort of material that is utilized is polls on pressure members may have before playing out any action, a rundown of words for members to retain, and a lot of speakers, which will be the genuine wellspring of stress.V. Strategies * Gather members in a room and have them do a pressure poll to perceive what is their present degree of stress. * With the c onsequences of such polls split members up into two gatherings, one including the more focused on individuals, and the other gathering the rest of the individuals, members ought to remain misdirected until the finish of the analysis. * Have members from the two gatherings take yoga classes (or any comparable action with a similar reason) so their degree of stress is decreased and halfway equivalent to one another.These meetings ought not keep going for longer than 30 minutes. * This being done, have a short gathering meeting with them to see whether the loosening up movement was useful and helpful, assuming this is the case, carry on to subsequent stage; if not, record the members name so as to utilize this factors as an advantage while assessing the outcomes. * Make members retain a rundown of 10 words with no outer improvements, for example, clamor or visual interruption, being given no longer than 10 minutes. Assess the limit of the members to retain such words by giving them a t est where they need to record the greatest number of words they can recollect. * Afterwards, make members sit tight for 15 minutes in a stay with a wellspring of worry, for this situation, clamor originating from speakers, like the one delivered by whistles. At that point, give every member the subsequent condition, another rundown of 10 words with comparative spelling and same syntax classification, yet at the same time applying the wellspring of stress.However, members won't be informed that scientists are engaging this wellspring of stress. They are given 10 minutes. * Have them work out a ‘quiz’ testing them on what number of words they had the option to remember in this condition. * If any member was indicating any side effect of being pushed or not feeling better, make the member take some yoga classes so they leave the examination with no pressure; question members so the investigation meets every single moral necessity. VI. AnalysisThe got information is quantit ative on the grounds that it is taken from the memory tests performed all through the investigation, and a decent manner by which it could be introduced outwardly and adequately would be by utilizing structured presentations, for example, the accompanying, filled in with the recorded information. This chart lets us see the connection between members in the two conditions, and effectively think about exhibitions. On the off chance that members were met in the wake of playing out the tests, we would likewise have subjective information that would make our outcomes more reliable.An region that could be investigated on in the wake of playing out this analysis could be the way a delayed composition to stress could influence memory, as a method of investigating potential starters of mental diseases, for example, Alzheimer, and so forth. The results of this test could be applied in an assortment of genuine circumstances since stress is at an expanding rate in our cutting edge social orders , and concentrating how it may influence people’s life is fundamental. With such outcomes, we could talk about how stress may gradually be crumbling an individual’s subjective limits, for example, memory, or totally invalidate our underlying hypothesis.The test was completed with the most conceivable exactness and lack of involvement from the scientist so as to stay away from any type of specialist inclination. Members were not told the point of the examination or the theory; they were misled to bar participant’s inclination, for example, request qualities or the ‘screw-you effect’. Nonetheless, a potential issue that could assume utilizing a similar example of members for the two conditions is that the point of the examination could be discovered and in this manner, members could by one way or another inclination the study.Even however specialists attempted to consider every single imaginable variable to decrease the potential consequences for the outcomes, some couldn’t be controlled, similar to the disposition of members or their past article to worry for the duration of their lives, a significant factor that can predisposition the investigation. What's more, there’s an absence of biological legitimacy in light of the fact that the examination was acted in a lab and not in the participant’s indigenous habitat where they are utilized to, so they probably won't act regularly in a lab domain.

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Impacts of International Economics

Worldwide financial aspects might be barely depicted as the cooperation and connection of monetary exercises between different nations around the world. Then again, global financial matters is worried on the impacts of worldwide contrasts on financial aspects according to profitability and customer inclinations. Essentially, universal financial aspects centers around connection between various nations in the parts of exchange, relocation and investment.Advertising We will compose a custom exposition test on Impacts of International Economics explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More International financial matters looks to recognize methods of improving the worldwide commercial center since every single national economy have been incorporated into one. This has happened following the expanding headways in innovation consequently getting changes monetary strategies just as carrying hindrances to exchange and fund. Thus, financial collaborations have expanded over the prev ious decades prompting resulting worldwide monetary development. One of the most huge effects of global financial matters is the expanded linkage between low pay countries and the high pay countries. This has come about to interest of poor countries/forming nations into worldwide creation, money and exchange. The general outcome is the mix of national economies through exchange, profitability just as fund. Capital inflows are quickly expanding because of remote ventures this direct outside speculation underscores the pretended by worldwide enterprises in worldwide creation n exchange. As expressed before, headways in innovation have decreased the expenses of transportation and correspondence among countries and this thusly has come about to separated worth chain of creation subsequently expanded paces of imports and fares the world over. This has empowered the affixing out of the various procedures of creation in various pieces of the world relying upon the relative focal points of the creation stages. Along these lines, investment of countries in the creation procedure is guaranteed just as financial development for such countries. The other noteworthy part of worldwide financial aspects is the expanded concordance among monetary foundations everywhere throughout the world. In spite of the way that there have been impersonations in financial organizations between different countries, there is an incredible part of harmonization in such foundations commitments of arrangements concerning exchange, coordination of speculation and tax collection approaches, banking organization including transformation of different monetary forms just as strategies on outside ventures. Such arrangements have united numerous countries, for example, the bi-national assessment settlements and other European associations. Be that as it may, universal financial aspects which has escalated globalization around the world has raised a ton of discussions with respect to the suggestions re quired between the creating and created nations. Therefore, strategies are being actualized to guarantee that globalization brings out most extreme financial development in creating nations. Correspondingly, a great deal of discussions have been raised on whether universal financial matters are advertisers of market steadiness or really sabotages the equivalent. There is dread of breakdown of developing markets the extent that globalization is concerned.Advertising Looking for paper on business financial matters? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn taking everything into account, universal financial aspects is worried about the mix of worldwide financial matters regarding exchange, fund and different assets. Such collaborations incorporate universal exchange which includes streams of merchandise and ventures between countries, assurance of elements of interest and assurance of factors of strategy execution. The other perspective inc ludes global account which examines inflow of capital coming about because of worldwide markets through observing trade rates as to money related markets. Every one of these perspectives have had the extraordinary effect of uniting numerous countries on different parts of financial aspects. Thusly, both creating and created nations have had the chance to partake in adding to the worldwide economy just as improving national monetary development. This exposition on Impacts of International Economics was composed and presented by client Finnegan Mcclure to help you with your own examinations. You are allowed to utilize it for research and reference purposes so as to compose your own paper; nonetheless, you should refer to it in like manner. You can give your paper here.

Analysis of Ethanol in Moonshine Free Essays

Examination of Ethanol in Moonshine| Using the GC-MS| Jennifer Greene| â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€- 4 May 2012 â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€- 4 May 2012 Introduction: In this investigation gas chromatography is applied to isolate the water-ethanol blend. This strategy is regularly utilized in the assurance of liquor in blood or pee. One evident application is when law authorization organizations need to decide if somebody is intoxicated. We will compose a custom exposition test on Investigation of Ethanol in Moonshine or then again any comparable theme just for you Request Now In these cases, high affectability is required since 0. 1% blood liquor content is viewed as legitimately inebriated in many states. Our own assurance will manage higher fixations (up to 25% by volume) which are progressively run of the mill of liquor levels found in numerous mixed refreshments. Chromatography is a physical strategy for detachment wherein the parts to be isolated are circulated between two stages, one of the stages establishing a fixed bed of enormous surface territory, the other being a liquid that permeates through or along the fixed bed Gas chromatography (GC) is a ground-breaking and broadly utilized device for the partition, recognizable proof and quantitation of segments in a blend. In this procedure, an example is changed over to the fume state and a streaming stream of transporter gas (regularly helium or nitrogen) clears the example into a thermally-controlled segment. On account of gas-fluid chromatography, the section is typically pressed with strong particles that are covered with a non-unstable fluid, alluded to as the fixed stage. As the example blend travels through the segment, test segments that connect emphatically with the fixed stage invest more energy in the fixed stage versus the moving gas stage and accordingly require more opportunity to travel through the segment. The objective of GC is to isolate and recognize parts of a blend as effectively as could be expected under the circumstances and it is consequently attractive to have a proportion of the proficiency of a given chromatographic segment. One regular approach to communicate section proficiency is by computing the tallness equal to a hypothetical plate (HETP) which is the length of the segment isolated by the quantity of hypothetical plates. HETP = l/n The quantity of hypothetical plates (n) of a section regarding a specific compound can be discovered utilizing the accompanying condition: N = 16(tr/w)2 = 5. 55(tr/w1/2)2 Where w is the pinnacle width estimated in indistinguishable units from tr and w1/2 is the pinnacle width estimated at half of the pinnacle stature. Materials: GC-MS with database| Vials with lids| Cherry moonshine| Disposable pipettes| Ethanol 100%| | Procedure: 1. Set up technique to: Set â€Å"Detector A† On (Thermal Conductivity Detector) Packed Column Head Pressure: 30 psi Column: Carbowax 20M, 1/8†³ OD, length = 6 feet Oven Temperature: 110 °C Detector Temperature: 150 °C Injection Temperature: 150 °C 2. With the dispensable pipette fill separate vials with the cherry moonshine and unadulterated ethanol. . Run the system at that point characterize the ethanol top with three extra pinnacles. This is the chromatograph for Cherry Moonshine. This is the chromatograph for Cherry Moonshine. Information: The blue bolts are highlighting the ethanol top. The blue bolts are highlighting the ethanol top. Decision: Chromatography is a physical strategy for division where the segments to be isolated are disseminated between two stages, one of the stages comprising a fixed bed of enormous surface zone, the other being a liquid that permeates through or along the fixed bed. Gas chromatography (GC) is an incredible and broadly utilized instrument for the partition, distinguishing proof and quantitation of segments in a blend. In this procedure, an example is changed over to the fume state and a streaming stream of bearer gas (frequently helium or nitrogen) clears the example into a thermally-controlled segment. On account of gas-fluid chromatography, the segment is normally stuffed with strong particles that are covered with a non-unpredictable fluid, alluded to as the fixed stage. As the example blend travels through the segment, test parts that cooperate emphatically with the fixed stage invest more energy in the fixed stage versus the moving gas stage and in this manner require more opportunity to travel through the segment. This investigation showed how the examination of an obscure substance can be resolved from the different pinnacles. In the event that you select an individual top on the chromatograph, the database will raise potential matches of the compound. You would need to take a gander at the mass spectrograph of that top to check whether it coordinates the compound of intrigue. On the off chance that it does, at that point you have affirmed one exacerbate that is available in the substance. In the event that it's anything but a match, keep on looking through the database until you affirm the peak’s personality. From this trial, the top for ethanol was not decided utilizing the mass spectrograph of the gas chromatography; be that as it may, we ran unadulterated ethanol on the GC-MS and contrasted the two chromatographs with decide the ethanol top. The most effective method to refer to Analysis of Ethanol in Moonshine, Papers

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The Gaelic Athletic Association Essay -- Essays Papers

The Gaelic Athletic Association After the Great Potato Famine in the nation of Ireland, the way of life and pride of the land started to vanish. The Irish had lost around one million individuals after this disaster struck the land, and the Irish spirit was low. Individuals started to emigrate to different nations and British traditions and language were starting to dominate. It became apparent that the Irish required a social insurgency to reestablish the sum total of what that had been lost in their way of life. The answer for this issue was found in the creation the Gaelic Athletic Association. While its principle center may have just seemed to include sports, it was compelling in the social and political insurgencies to come later on. The GAA has been depicted as a total greater than its parts on account of the way that it included such huge numbers of a larger number of parts of Irish life than just games (Fair). The restoration was seen by a great many people as a successful method to enter the advanced world as an Irish country rather being related with Britain. Ireland was at an essential part in its history and the GAA assumed a significant job in legislative issues and in reestablishing the Irish pride that makes Ireland so celebrated today. It is for the most part seen that the GAA had the greatest effect on Irish society during this truly temperamental timeframe on the grounds that it spread the nation like prairie fire. (Gaelic Athletic Association). Sports assumed a significant job in Irish culture and it was fundamental to arrange them as most ideal with respect to the individuals of Ireland. The Gaelic Athletic Association was sorted out by Michael Cusack in 1885 to reestablish conventional Irish games that had been overwhelmed by British games (Hutchinson 158). Games, for example, heaving and Gaelic football were restored to give the Irish games to relate... ...d that Ireland had a one of a kind and fascinating social personality through crafted by writing during this timeframe (Hachney and Hernon a McCaffrey 142). The significance of the Gaelic Athletic Association can be seen in the effect it has had on Irish society in the twentieth century. When Irish spirit was exhausted and social personality was nearly non-existent, the GAA reestablished both through the games and projects it made. These games united the Irish as a country and improved the general state of Ireland. The nationalistic emotions that the GAA brought to Ireland turned into the main thrust for the uprisings to come sooner rather than later and the political culture was legitimized through GAA impact. Indeed the GAA has helped out Ireland than just arranging sports, and have molded the Irish country that exists today.

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Grad School, Law School, and Med School Applicants Why You Shouldnt Go to an Ivy League College

Grad School, Law School, and Med School Applicants Why You Shouldnt Go to an Ivy League College The Essay Expert was published today (July 1, 2010) on  on why you need to do your research before choosing a school for graduate school, law school, or medical school.   Read the full article HERE.

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Acquisition of Wyeth by Pfizer - Free Essay Example

Financial Management Acquisition of Wyeth by Pfizer Table of Contents 1Introduction 2Strengthening of Market Position 3Operational and Economic Benefits 4Financial Benefits 5Conclusion References 1 Introduction Neo-classical theories see mergers and acquisitions (MAs) as efficiency improvement measure taken by the organizations in response to industry challenges such as deteriorating profitability, reducing market share, duplication of resources, stringent industry regulation etc. (Jovanovic and Rousseau, 2002). However, neo-classical theory alone cannot describe a wide range of reasons that force the companies to merge together or adopt an acquisition strategy (horizontal or vertical acquisition) to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage by achieving synergy, diversify business portfolio to distribute risk, attain growth, increase bargaining power with buyers and suppliers or to simply eliminate competition (Marks Mirvis, 2013). This paper will discuss the case of biggest acquisition in the pharmaceutical industry with the acquisition of Wyeth by Pfizer in January 2009 for $68 billion, the second biggest acquisition in the history of corporate America since ATT and BellSouths US$7 0 billion deal in March 2006 (Pfizer, 2009). The acquisition of Wyeth was a cash-and-stock transaction valued, based on the closing market price of Pfizerà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s common stock on the acquisition date, at $50.19 per share of Wyeth common stock (Pfizer, 2009). At the time of this acquisition Wyeth was generating $22.4 billion in sales with a bottom line of $4.6 billion and Pfizer generated net revenues of $48.3 billion and the net income of $8.1 billion (Pfizer, 2008). The completion of acquisition in October 2009 made Pfizer the largest pharmaceutical company in the world with potential savings of $4 billion from the usage of common resources and elimination of inefficiencies in the supply chain. However, under this deal Pfizer had to repatriate billions of revenue dollars from foreign subsidiaries to the US, resulting in higher tax costs and waste of value (Pfizer, 2009). This merger was also criticized by Harvard University Professor Gary Pisano, who commented on this news à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“the record of big mergers and acquisitions in Big Pharma has just not been good. Thereà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s just been an enormous amount of shareholder wealth destroyedà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  (Karnitschnig Rockoff, 2009). A quick comparison of the two companies at the time of announcement of acquisition is shown in figure-1 and various aspects of this acquisition and the benefits reaped by Pfizer are critically analyzed in the following sections. Figure 1 Comparison of Pfizer and Wyeth in 2009. Source: Karnitschnig Rockoff (2009) 2 Strengthening of Market Position The biopharmaceutical industry is a major source of medical innovation, where RD drives the success of the company and also constitutes almost 17-25% of its expenses (Danzon, 2014). The pharma industry is highly competitive due to stringent regulations and longer times to market their drugs as they seek approval from relevant governmental agencies (for example Food and Drug Administration à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å" FDA in the USA) that set the safety, efficacy and quality of manufacturing as a prerequisite to market the drug to consumers (Danzon, 2014). Other industry challenges include the loss or expiration of intellectual property rights that allow low cost generic brands to enter the market and drive down the prices, the pipeline productivity, pricing and access pressures and increasing competition among branded products (Pfizer, 2009). So, in response to these challenges in the operating environment Pfizer made an attempt to strengthen its market position by acquiring Wyeth that en abled the company to diversify its product portfolio with the inclusion of vaccines, biologics, small molecules and nutrition across developed and emerging markets. This synergistic effect is shown in figure-2. Figure 2 Synergies from the acquisition of Wyeth by Pfizer. Source: NYTimes (2009) Despite the criticism surrounding the merger of two pharma giants and the unfavorable economic conditions amid global economic downturn, the Wall Street and the major banks supported this is acquisition because of beneficial market position and lent $26 billion to support the acquisition deal (NYTimes, 2009). With this acquisition, Pfizer has consolidated its position as the market leader by entering previously untouched market segments pertaining to oncology, pain, inflammation, Alzheimerà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s disease, psychoses and diabetes, as well as the critical technologies of vaccines and biologics. This acquisition will also help Pfizer to achieve its aim to become the top-tier biotherapeutics company by 2015 and it will also gain growth in emerging markets of Brazil, India, Russia and China (Pfizer, 2009). 3 Operational and Economic Benefits The literature points to the fact that horizontal MAs, such as Pfizer-Wyeth, achieve more operating efficiencies and economies of scale than vertical ones (Maksimovic and Phillips, 2001). The operational and economic benefits have also been recognized by the chief executive of Pfizer, Jeffery B. Kindler who commented à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“Our combined company will be one of the most diversified in the industry and will benefit from complementary patient-centric units that match speed with the benefits of a global companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s scale and resourcesà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  (NYTimes, 2009). Firstly, Pfizer expects to save $4 billion annually by combining and streamlining its operations with Wyeth due to lower and more flexible cost base for the combined operations that helped in cutting down the production overhead, RD, and the number of employees (NY Times, 2009, Pfizer, 2009). Secondly, the infusion of new ideas, perspectives and processes can produce lasting benefits that are broader and deeper than initially expected by the companies (Vermeulen, 2005). In this case, the existing patents and the ongoing research at Wyeth added complementary capabilities to Pfizer, which benefitted from diversified product portfolio of consumer and nutritional drugs (Stempel Schiffer, 2009). This acquisition will also help the company in depicting higher performance in innovation and technological knowledge generation, resulting in higher quality drugs in future (Makri et al., 2010). The operational and economic benefits of this acquisition can also be shown through the ratio analysis of Pfizer before and after acquisition as shown in figure-3 and figure-4. Figure 3 Profit Margins of Pfizer before and after acquisition of Wyeth in 2009. Source: Financial statements of Pfizer from 2008 2012 Figure 4 ROA and ROE of Pfizer before and after acquisition of Wyeth in 2009. Source: Financial statements of Pfizer from 2008 à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å" 2012 It can be seen in bot h the aforementioned figures that all the performance metrics fell immediately after acquisition, but over next three years the performance measures met or exceeded their initial values before acquisition, thereby pointing to cost savings, reduction in inefficiencies, increase in productivity, enhanced operational performance, better asset utilization and increased profitability. 4 Financial Benefits Stock markets often behave irrationally or inappropriately to the news of acquisition, especially, when it involves large companies, but the evidence shows that if an acquirer makes a cash offer to purchase the company; it ends up earning longà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å"run abnormal returns due to non-dilution of earnings per share (EPS), as compare to stock offerings that earn negative long-run abnormal returns (Loughran Vijh, 1997). Under the deal of this acquisition the Pfizer paid $50.19 per share of Wyeth using a mixed structure of cash and equity à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬  $33 a share in cash and 0.985 Pfizer shares worth $17.19 a share based on Pfizerà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s closing price, and paid almost 29% premium over the actual company valuation per share (Karnitschnig, 2009). This deal was immediately appreciated by the stock market resulting in the shares of Wyeth to increase by 12.96% (by $4.91) and the shares of Pfizer to climb by 1.4% or 24 cents (Karnitschnig, 2009). The acquisition of Wyeth has highly beneficial to Pfizer financially, because Pfizer was facing a pressing challenge of its patent (or exclusivity) expiration of Lipitor, a cholesterol lowering drug that accounted for almost 25% of its revenue stream as being the best cholesterol control in the world. Although, the loss of exclusivity on this drug in 2011 costed Pfizer a projected loss of $12 billion, not much has been solved with the acquisition of Wyeth as 14 other drug patents are scheduled to expire in 2014 with a projected loss of $35 billion (Pfizer, 2010). However, some of these lost revenues have been compensated by the legacy drug brands of Wyeth as the revenues of Pfizer in 2010 increased by 36% to $67.8 billion, compared to $50.0 billion in 2009. This financial growth was achieved due to the inclusion of revenues from legacy Wyeth products for a full year in 2010 compared to part of the year in 2009, which favorably impacted revenues by $18.1 billion or 37% (Pfizer, 2010). The silver li ning in this discussion is that such challenges are not unique to Pfizer and its competitor drug makers Merck, Bristol Myers Squibb and Eli Lilly are all facing their own patent losses in the next couple of years. Despite these financial benefits, Pfizer has faced a major cost of acquisition in the form of added taxes resulting from the repatriating the billions of dollars in the US as a part of acquisition deal and this resulted in the effective tax rate increase from 17% in 2008 to 20.3% in 2009 amounting to $2.1 billion in taxes in 2009 up from $1.6 billion in 2008 (Pfizer, 2009). 5 Conclusion In conclusion, the financial performance metrics are an obvious indicator of success of this acquisition as the company has successfully created value for its shareholders and has gained sustained market advantage in prevailing highly competitive operating environment. Although, in doing so the company has destroyed some value due to increased tax burden and the threat of loss of revenue due to expiring patents still looms at large, the companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s increased capability to invest in RD and develop next breakthrough drug (like Lipitor) will be the sole decider of its future performance. References Danzon, P. (2014).Economics of the Pharmaceutical Industry. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 13 February 2014]. Jovanovic, B., Rousseau, P. (2002). The q-theory of mergers. American Economic Review, 92, 198à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å"204. Karnitschnig, M, Rockoff, J. D. (2009). Pfizer in Talks to Buy Wyeth [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 13 February 2014]. Karnitschnig, M. (2009).Pfizer to Pay $68 Billion for Wyeth [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 13 February 2014]. Loughran, T., Vijh, A., 1997. Do long-term shareholders benefit from corporate acquisitions? Journal of Finance, 52, 1765à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å"1790. Maksimovic, V., Phillips, G., 2001. The Market for Corporate Assets: Who Engages in Mergers and Asset Sales and Are There Efficiency Gains? Journal of Finance, 56(6), 2019à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬ Å"2065. Makri, M., Hitt, A. M., Lane, P. J. (2010). Complementary Technologies, Knowledge Relatedness, and Invention Outcomes in High Technology Mergers and Acquisitions. Strategic Management Journal, 31(6), 602-628. Marks, M. L., Mirvis, P. H. (2013). The merger syndrome.Mergers Acquisitions: A Critical Reader, 149. NYTimes (2009). Pfizer Agrees to Pay $68 Billion for Rival Drug Maker Wyeth. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 13 February 2014]. Pfizer (2008). Pfizer 2008 Financial Performance Overview. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 13 February 2014]. Pfizer (2009). Pfizer Wyeth 2009 Financial Performance Overview. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 13 February 2014]. Pfizer (2010). Pfizer Wyeth 2009 Financial Performance Overview. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 13 February 2014]. Stempel, A. S., Schiffer D., 2009. Pfizer-Wyeth: Lessons from the First Major Merger Review of the Obama Administration. The Threshold ¸ Vol. XI(1), 6-96. Vermulen, F. (2005).How Acquisitions Can Revitalize Companies | MIT Sloan Management Review. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 13 February 2014]. Page 1 of 10